Conscious delivery for the environment and the society

Koiki was born to Change the home delivery rules. The purchases we make through our computers or smartphones have been growing for a decade. It is true that buying throuhg a click has made our lives easier, it is also true that these purchases have increased traffic and pollution. Koiki’s main objective is to minimize the ecommerce impact through a conscious, carbon free and responsible distribution for the city and society.

We are a team of people who work for the people

What moves us

Do you have an ecommerce and want to deliver taking care of our planet?

We carry out the last mile distribution on foot, by bicycle, or by electric vehicle. This allows us to save 0.29 kg of CO2 per km traveled, freeing the city of pollution, traffic, and noise

The end of social exclusion

We seek decent employment and equal opportunities for all people. For this reason, Koiki’s delivery people belong to groups at risk of exclusion

Cities pacification

We want our cities and towns to be more pleasant places to live. Making stroll through the city without traffic noise a reality

An expert team, who leave no one behind

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