Cookies policy

Cookies policy

Koiki Home S.L., uses a very common technology on the internet since the 90s called cookies. These are small files that are saved in your browser when you access almost any website. Its functions are very varied and range from storing your browsing preferences to collecting statistical information, allowing certain functionalities, to remembering your registration data to «remember» you without having to re-enter your username and password.

What are ‘cookies’ for?

The web, by itself, is a memoryless mechanism. Hence, cookies are useful for almost all websites, and technically essential for those that require the user to register to function. Because they allow a website to remember you.

Only websites that have saved a cookie on your computer can read it. Thus, for example, cannot know your connection data to the social networks of which you are a user. However, even if you see some of our content and identify it completely with, there are parts of the page that are not really ours. For example, certain services are provided by specialized servers, or Facebook’s «Like» buttons are put there by Facebook itself. Thus, at first glance it seems that at we remember your Facebook user, but in reality it is the social network itself who does it. This is called third-party cookies.

This mechanism allows some websites – not – to do a certain tracking of users. For example, if you browse the web with your Facebook session open, the North American page will know all those pages that you consult and that include a «Like» button. There are advertising services that, without personally identifying you, see which pages you visit and put related ads on you. Some users are concerned that this affects their privacy, which is why the main browsers have included an option to deactivate third-party cookies and the European Union has forced a directive on European websites to explain their policy to their users. of cookies.

Why do we use ‘cookies’ on

Browsing through this portal means that the following types of cookies can be installed:

Performance improvement. This type of cookies keeps your preferences for certain tools or services so that you do not have to reconfigure them each time you visit our portal and, in some cases, they may be provided by third parties such as YouTube.
Statistic analysis. They allow to quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyze the use made of our services. At they use Google services for this.
User register. Although it can be used in fewer and fewer places within our pages, if you create a user to comment on forums or blogs, cookies are generated that identify you as said user so that you can write comments. these services are not yet operational. one has contracted advertising services on its pages.
Social networks. On almost all of our pages there are links to share information on social networks that use their cookies to identify you. Specifically, it is about Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Can I deactivate ‘cookies’?

In general, cannot be consulted with cookies disabled or restricted.

Although by default they are always activated, browsers allow you to configure what you want to do with cookies. If you want to modify the predefined options, consult one of the following links how to do it in your browser:

If you wish to contact us regarding our cookie policy, you can do so at

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