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Being part of Koiki’s network means working in a sector in continuous growth, taking care of the environment and generating sustainable employment among groups of difficult insertion.


Jobs generated in social entities throughout the territory 


Active microhubs in 20 provinces within Spain


Booming sector that year after year grows in double digits

What does it mean to belong to Koiki's network?

To deliver parcels coming from the online purchases in the neighborhood

You will need an accessible and safe place, as you will receive packages on a daily basis, for a later distribution around the neighborhood. This will be carried out in a sustainable way, therefore, with your work, you will help reduce the pollution and the traffic of your city.

To generate sustainable employment

You will start a commercial activity that will allow you to create stable employment for the people you work with, giving visibility to their potential and capacity. You will be creating jobs integrated into the community

To be part of a project present all over Spain and Portugal.

You will create alliances with entities throughout the whole territory, which will allow you to increase the business you generate in your town. Koiki will be in charge of drawing up a viability plan, training the delivery people, providing you with the necessary technology and accompanying you in the start-up of the Koiki center.


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