We take care of your neighborhood by delivering parcels in a conscious and sustainable way

CO2-free journey

We deliver the parcels walking, biking or by electric vehicle to avoid pollution and pacify our cities. You’ll know how much Co2 we save with each delivery.

Sustainable employment

Packages are delivered by people living in their own neighborhoods. Buying online you will generate sustainable employment in your city.

Flexible and conscious delivery

The parcel stays in the neighborhood and the recipient can track their shipment live and choose the time of delivery.

Do you have an ecommerce and want to take care of your planet?

Koiki’s last mile distribution is made on foot, by bicycle or by electric vehicle. This allows us to save 0.29kg of CO2 per km traveled, freeing the city of pollution and noise.

¿Tienes un ecommerce y quieres realizar tus envíos cuidando a nuestro planeta?

Realizamos el reparto de última milla andando, en bicicleta o en vehículo eléctrico. Esto nos permite ahorrar 0,5kg de CO2 por cada trayecto. ¿Has hecho el cálculo del impacto que esto puede causar en tu negocio?

Are you a social organization and want to become a Koiki center?

We are already in 19 Spanish provinces, with 70 active micro-centers at the neighborhood level. Another 100 centers are awaiting to be open any time soon. Join our network by becoming one of them.

¿Eres una entidad social y quieres ser un centro Koiki?

Estamos ya en 18 provincias españolas, con 60 microcentros activos a nivel de barrio y otros 100 están esperando a ser puestos en marcha próximamente. Únete a nuestra red convirtiéndote en uno de ellos.

Are you a transport operator and want to do your last mile delivery with us?

Are you a transport operator and want to do your last mile delivery with us? We know that, in the shipping journey, last mile is the most difficult part of the journey: not at home customers, traffic, time restrictions for vehicles in cities, etc. For this reason, in Koiki we want to become your partner. Leave your parcels in the city and don’t worry, we will bring them to the recipient at the time they request and taking care of the planet.

Si eres un particular, envía tu paquete con nosotros en tu centro Koiki más cercano